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Tue Jul, 19

Beach Clean - Marine Conservation Society

This year we decided to organize a beach clean in our area, and the beach we chose was our local beach Sandwich Bay.

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We signed up as beach clean event organizers with the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) and on Saturday 22nd June 2019 around 80 volunteers descended onto the pebble beach at Sandwich, armed with litter pickers and bags to collect rubbish.

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We met at 9am and cleaned a large stretch of the beach towards Princes Golf Club, a distance of about a mile. Amongst the items picked up were discarded fishing line, various sizes of pieces of paper, bagged dog waste, fishing nets, plastic bottles, rope, crisp packets, chocolate wrappers, beer cans, disposable barbecues, and pieces of clothing/footwear. The items we collected over a 100m metre area will be logged and placed onto the MCS database.

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The main type of beach litter collected was fishing line and netting which had probably been left by fishermen on the beach and could also have washed up from fishing vessels in the area. The majority of the fishing net was found clumped together either in a ball or tangled up with seaweed. We were really surprised by this, as one would think that fishermen would be aware of the dangers of discarding rope, fishing line and netting in our oceans. This can be eaten by wildlife; which can also become entangled and die.

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All together we managed to collect 120kg of waste from the beach, which can now be recycled where possible or otherwise disposed of correctly. We aim to complete another beach clean later in the year, if you are interested in taking part, keep a lookout on our website and socials for updates!

We would like to thank everyone that took part and to Hallmark for donating hi-vis vests, litter pickers, and gloves for the beach clean!

Want to know how you can help the environment? Take part in #GoPlasticFree Take on the Plastic Challenge in July and pledge to say goodbye to single-use plastic.

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