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Wishing all our customers a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to our customers old and new, and now is the time to think about New Year, New Clear.

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Christmas Trees Did you know that 6 million Christmas Trees are discarded each year?

Although it can be tough to recycle Christmas Trees we have a few solutions. Make your own coasters from the tree trunk using a hacksaw or bandsaw, or use it for firewood. There are some council-run tips that shred Christmas trees to make ground-cover that is used in public car parks. Some councils also do a collection service, so you can always find out if they can take your tree away for you.

Did you know that the amount of wrapping paper used for Christmas presents is enough to wrap around the equator 9 times? 

Here are a few ideas of what you can do with used cards. Cut out the pattern on the card to use as gift tags or gift bags for your presents next year, or use it for baubles or decorations.

Christmas Cards Did you know that we throw up to 1 billion Christmas cards every year?

To make good use of your discarded wrapping paper you could shred the paper to use as protective packaging around future gifts or use as confetti, spruce up old boxes or make a photo frame. As well as all these great ideas, this year you could try using brown paper, add a little glitter and a couple of ribbons and strings to brighten it up!

Turkey Did you know that 2 million turkeys are thrown away each year? 

You can make the most of your turkey using the larger pieces in a curry and the smaller strips to be used in a risotto, not forgetting the good old turkey sandwiches! You can also make a stock with the bones and leftovers which is great for soups and winter stews.

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Wishing all our customers a Happy New Year!