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Thanet Waste 260

Yardman/Trainee plant operator

We require a Yardman/Trainee plant operator our aggregate recycling facility in Sandwich.

The working duties:

Sorting through Materials

Maintaining plant/equipment

Other general yard work as and when required

Helping to maintain a clean and tidy work area

Full training will be provided


Monday-Friday 7:00 A.M- 6:00 P.M

Saturday 7:00-1:00 P.M

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Did you know?

Packaging makes up less than 3% of all waste from UK households, commerce and industry combined that goes to landfill

It is estimated that around 600 million tonnes of products and materials enter the UK economy each year… only 115 million tonnes of this gets recycled (source: WRAP)

We throw away more than 7 million tonnes of food and drink every year from our homes - most of which could have been safely consumed. (source: WRAP)