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Thu May, 21

Grab Lorry Hire Faversham

If you need to remove waste material from a site in Faversham where keeping is a skip isn’t an option, grab lorry hire is the solution you’re looking for. Our fleet of modern Scania 8x4 lorries are large enough to carry a 20-tonne payload but agile enough to access difficult to reach areas where storing a skip isn’t possible. We operate grab lorries, tippers and muck away trucks in the Faversham area, ready to assist you with waste removal of any kind.

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Whether you need to shift a bulk of general waste or remove more delicate hazardous material, we’ve got you covered. We’ll pick up almost any material in the Faversham area and transport away it to be responsibly recycled. We’ll also conduct a chemical test on-site under Waste Acceptance Criteria if needed.

As part of our mission, we aim to recycle as much waste as possible and create our own aggregates from recycled materials. This means we can drop off aggregates, topsoil, and other materials at an agreed location, either as a stand-alone service or at the same time as a waste collection. Find out more about why you should choose TW Services.

Grab Lorry Hire in Faversham

Through our team of over 120 skilled staff, including waste management and recycling specialists, we’re qualified to collect almost any type of waste, including:

  • Building waste
  • Debris
  • Concrete
  • Branches
  • Roots
  • Bricks
  • Rubble
  • Muck away waste
  • Mud
  • Soil
  • Dirt

All waste material we collect is taken to one of our many waste management facilities to be recycled or disposed of safely.

Muck Away Lorry Hire in Faversham

If your site has challenging access, making skip hire difficult, or if you simply want to arrange a bulk collection of muck away waste, we can do this. We collect all three main types of muck away waste:

  1. Inert waste that is not reactive and does not decompose
  2. General waste, non-hazardous waste
  3. Hazardous waste

The capacity of our muck away wagons means we can easily service large construction sites, roadworks, and excavations. Our team are fully trained and experienced meaning we’ll remove waste in no time at all, allowing you and your team to continue working, and leaving you with a safe empty space. Find out more about muck away lorries in Faversham from TW Services, call us on 01304 626364.

Faversham Grab Lorry Sizes

We can arrange one or multiple trips using our grab lorries or tipper lorries which are all the same size. Our vehicles fit these dimensions:

  • 8x4 ft, four-axle, eight-wheel vehicles
  • Capable of carrying up to 15 cubic metres of volume
  • Capable of carrying up to 20 tonnes of weight

Do you need a Tipper Grab or a Grab Lorry?

What is the difference between a tipper grab and a grab lorry? This all depends on the equipment and machinery on your end. We’ll send the right vehicle according to your needs.

If you have machinery on-site capable of loading waste onto our vehicle and this is something you have time and resources to do then we’ll send a tipper grab and allow you to load up the vehicle. If you require assistance in loading the vehicle we’ll send a grab lorry with a loading bucket so that we can collect the waste for you.

If you’re still not sure which type of lorry suits your situation get in touch and we can help you decide.

Grab Lorry Costs and Prices in Faversham

We’ll need to chat with you to provide an accurate quote as each job is different. Fill in our form with as much information as you have about the size and type of waste, the location, and access to your site. We’ll be in touch to either enquire further or provide a cost. Alternatively, you can call us directly on 01304 626364.

Grab Lorry Hire Near Me

We can send a vehicle of your choice to support you anywhere in Faversham with a waste collection or materials drop-off. Here are some of the locations we service:

  • Davington
  • Oare
  • Ospring
  • Preston
  • Brogdale
  • Whitehill
  • Luddenham Court

If you don’t see your site location here give us a call, we’ll almost certainly be able to help you out. We also offer skip hire, road sweeper hire, waste management, and rubbish clearance in Faversham. Fill in our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours, or call us on 01304 626364.

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