Grab Lorry Hire Ramsgate

We offer grab lorry hire in Ramsgate waste collection and materials drop-off service using our fleet of 8x4, eight-wheel grab lorries, servicing the Ramsgate area. Our rubbish removal service means we can collect and dispose of virtually any type of material, from excess landscaping soil to toxic waste. If you’re not sure which category your waste falls into we can visit you on-site to conduct an assessment or carry out a chemical test, as per Waste Acceptance Criteria, with results being returned within five working days.

Grab Lorry Hire Ramsgate

We don’t just pick up waste materials using our 15 cubic metre Scania grab lorries, we can also deliver to you. Speak to a member of our team to arrange an order of topsoil or aggregates made from our own recycled materials. Our grab lorry drop-off service is ideal for difficult access sites and we can either unload materials for you or allow you to do it on arrival.

Grab Lorry Hire in Ramsgate

We’re qualified to handle many different types of waste material, including hazardous waste, and dispose of it in a safe and responsible way. We’ll collect just about anything, but most commonly:

  • Construction site debris
  • Concrete and bricks
  • Garden waste and trees
  • Rubble
  • Muck away waste
  • Excess soil
  • Scrap metal

After collecting waste from your site, we’ll transport it to one of our waste management sites or recycling centres to be recycled as appropriate. We aim to maximise recycling opportunities wherever possible. Find out more about why you should choose TW Services.

Muck Away Lorry Hire in Ramsgate

Throughout Ramsgate, we collect muck away waste from all kinds of sites including construction sites and roadworks. Muck away waste generally falls into these three categories, all of which we are qualified to handle:

  • Inert, non-hazardous waste such as stone and concrete
  • General waste that is not hazardous or dangerous such as metal piping
  • Hazardous waste such as asbestos, that can harm the environment

If you are working on large-scale construction projects we can help! At 15 cubic metres, our muck away lorries have the capacity to shift commercial-sized amounts of waste quickly. Working with us means your site will be clear and safe to use within minutes once our team clears all your waste material. We offer competitive prices so give our team a call on 01304 626364 or send us a message to get a quote.

Ramsgate Grab Lorry Sizes

Our grab lorries are all the same size at 8x4 ft, with a volume of 15 cubic metres, and a capability of carrying up to 20 tonnes of weight. That’s more than double the capacity of our largest skip. If you need a large quantity of waste material to be moved quickly and don’t have the space to set up skips, a grab lorry is probably the best option. We’ll simply arrive to load the waste material at an agreed time meaning you and your team and concentrate on work.

Tipper Grab or Grab Lorry, Which do you Need?

We can supply a tipper lorry or a grab lorry anywhere in Ramsgate from our fleet. If you require assistance loading the vehicle on your site we’ll send a grab lorry which comes with a built-in loading bucket so we can transfer waste onto our lorry to remove. If you already have machinery set up on-site capable of loading a vehicle, and if you want to do it yourself, we’ll provide you with a tipper to load the lorry.

If you’re not sure what type of lorry you need for the job send us a message. We’ll ask a few questions about your situation and give you recommendations and a quote.

Grab Lorry Costs and Prices in Ramsgate

Depending on the size and type of waste you need to move, the location and situation of the site we need to visit, and other factors like labour and availability, prices will vary. In order to provide an accurate cost, we’ll need to ask some questions.

Grab Lorry Hire Near Me

We regularly hire out grab lorries, skips, and road sweepers in Ramsgate, and provide rubbish clearance and total waste management too. If you need waste removed fast, and want to know it’s being recycled and disposed of properly, then speak to us today. We service these and many more areas in Ramsgate:

  • Pegwell
  • Cliffsend
  • St Lawrence
  • Northwood
  • Haine
  • Manston
  • Broadstairs
  • St Peters

To book a grab lorry or find out more about this service, get in touch via our contact form, or call us on 01304 626364.

Skip sizes guide

Our skip sizes range from four to 12 cubic yards which provide a very cost-effective way to dispose of bulky waste including furniture and garden waste. For a skip that will be placed on the road, there will be an extra charge of £50.00 (per week) added for a permit from the council. If a permit is required, it takes 3 days to obtain permission from the local authority so factor this in when you’re planning the hire of your skip.

To help you decide which size skip would be best for you, please refer to our waste skip sizes guide pages. We’ve included skip sizes in yards and skip capacity m3 to give you a good idea of what will fit in each skip.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a grab lorry in Ramsgate?

The cost of hiring a grab lorry in Ramsgate can change based on factors like the duration needed and the volume of materials and waste. The price range usually varies from £170 to £400 or more per day.

At TW Services, we'll ask about your waste type, volume, site location, and layout details. This helps us to offer a more accurate quote for your unique needs.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us whenever you need. We're committed to providing precise cost estimates for grab lorry hire in Ramsgate and are happy to help you on your journey.

What’s the difference between a grab lorry and a skip?

Both grab lorries and skips are used for waste removal purposes. However, both provide different forms of flexibility.

Grab lorries are more flexible because they use a mechanical arm to pick up and load waste from various locations precisely. This versatility across different materials results in quicker collection times.

On the other hand, skip hire relies on fixed containers that are loaded either by hand or with machinery. While this method caters to specific types of waste, it lacks adaptability.

Choosing between the two options depends on your project's specific needs, the type of waste involved, and the level of convenience you're aiming for.

Whether you choose a skip or a grab lorry, call us at 01304 626364, and we'll help you get started.

How does a grab truck pick up the waste?

A grab lorry is fixed with an adaptable, hydraulic arm that ‘grabs’ waste by picking it up. There’s an open container on the back of a grab lorry which uses a bucket and the hydraulic arm to self-load all your waste needs.

The self-loading aspect of a grab truck means that manual labour is reduced and your waste can be grabbed and loaded in as little as half an hour!

This makes a grab lorry perfect for steep timeframes or businesses and construction sites that generate a large amount of regular waste.

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