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Tue Oct, 20

Can you put anything in a skip?

Hiring a skip is a convenient way to get rid of things you no longer need. From old furniture and storage to garden waste and clutter, there’s a lot that you can add to a skip.

As your skip sits on your driveway, you can fill it with household waste. Skips can also be delivered to businesses, schools and other locations. Once you’ve filled your skip with waste to get rid of, it’ll be collected so the waste’s not your problem anymore.

Many things can be put into a skip, but there are some restrictions.

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What can’t you put in a skip?

You should make sure that your skip is free from hazardous waste. You shouldn’t add chemicals, large batteries or big electrical items and appliances. A skip is not the right place for old computers, microwaves, electric cookers, TVs, dishwashers or fridges and freezers.

You can’t put fluorescent bulbs into a skip, as they can contain mercury that’s released if the bulb is smashed. Asbestos can’t be added for similar reasons, and plasterboard should be kept out of the skip as it contains dangerous sulphates.

Gas cylinders can’t be added to your skip, and you shouldn’t put tyres into a skip as they require specialist disposal. Wet paints, solvents and fuels are also forms of hazardous waste.

You should be sure not to add biological or medical waste. In short, anything you add to your skip should be safe for other people to touch.

What can you put in a skip?

You can put most things in a skip. Only those items listed above should be disposed of separately. Items that you can put in a skip include:

  • Garden waste
  • Furniture
  • Wood
  • Plastics
  • Soil
  • Rubble
  • Metal
  • Dried paint
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Bricks
  • Domestic waste
  • Building waste
  • Sand

Take extra care with...

Some items can be put in a skip, but with extra precautions.

Glass can be dangerous, so if you’re throwing this away it’s best to make sure it’s properly packaged. Wrap glass up, so broken shards won’t cause any harm to other people. If you’ve got whole panes of glass, it’s best to find a way to recycle them whole than break them so that you can discard them. Good quality glass can be melted down, and it’s best to keep it all in one piece.

Whilst plasterboard is included in hazardous waste, sometimes it can be accepted. Never put this in a skip with other items, as it shouldn’t be mixed with other waste. If you need to dispose of plasterboard, make contact first and ask for a skip that’ll solely be used for this purpose. As long as plasterboard is kept in a skip of its own, it can be properly disposed of.

Unsure about safe skip use?

Skip providers would prefer you to ask questions than take a risk with any of your waste. If you’re unsure about any item, call to check that it can be included. It’s better to ask than to make a mistake that causes problems when the skip is collected.

If you need more help with hiring a skip in Kent, why not send us a message?

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