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Grab Lorry Hire Dover

For contracts in Dover where you need to move waste material quickly without allowing skips to take up precious workspace, hiring a grab lorry from us is the answer. Our fleet of Scania grab lorries can carry up to 15 m3 of waste material in one go. Within the construction market, our service is highly competitive as we support your waste disposal efforts every step of the way.

We’re qualified to handle both inert and hazardous materials to be broken down and safely disposed of in line with UK government regulations. If you’re not sure what category your site waste falls into we can visit you to conduct an assessment and carry out a chemical test on-site. We can guarantee results in five working days.

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If you require materials like sand, topsoil, and aggregates you can arrange delivery at the same time as your waste collection. As part of our philosophy to recycle and reuse all waste materials to their maximum potential, we manufacture our own aggregates which can be delivered loose or placed on-site in one-tonne bags.

Grab Lorry Hire in Dover

We have disposal points situation all across Kent, meaning we can collect waste from your Dover worksite in no time. Most commonly people hire a grab lorry to remove soil or mud, but we handle many different types of waste, here are some examples of other waste types we collect:

  • Mud and muck away waste
  • Gravel, stones, bricks, and concrete
  • Demolition debris and rubble
  • Logs, branches and green waste
  • Asbestos

When we remove your waste you can rest assured it’s being dealt with properly. We’ll remove it to one of our waste management sites and recycle whatever we can, while safely disposing of the rest. Find out more about the benefits of working with TW Services.

Muck Away Lorry Hire in Dover

We collect all types of muck away waste and can do so in a one-off visit, or with regular trips throughout your contract. There are three main categories of waste, while we collect all three of these we’ll need to know what category your waste falls into to properly dispose of it.

  • Inert waste, like concrete, is waste that does not decompose or takes an extremely long time to break down naturally
  • General waste that would go into the household bin in a domestic setting
  • Hazardous waste that is toxic to the environment and needs to be handled with care

Our muck away lorries all come with a 15 m3 capacity meaning we can support you with large commercial projects, excavations and construction work. We aim to work efficiently with you to allow you and your team to get on with work undisturbed, leaving you with extra clear space when we go. If you need a grab lorry for muck away waste, give us a call on 01304 626364 today.

Dover Grab Lorry Sizes

Our fleet of grab lorries and tippers are all 8x4, four-axled, eight-wheeled vehicles. Each vehicle holds up to 15 cubic metres of materials and a weight of up to 20 tonnes. Our grab lorries and tippers can carry more than double one of our largest skips in one trip making them an ideal choice for larger projects and contracts.

Should you Hire a Tipper or a Grab Lorry?

If you need to remove waste material at your worksite we’ll ask whether you want to hire a tipper or a grab lorry. The difference is quite simple and depends on the situation at your worksite. If you have access to equipment or machinery installed which can load our vehicle you might want to hire a tipper, this is simply the vehicle with a container which we’ll allow you to load yourself before we remove the waste from your site.

If you don’t have access to equipment to help with loading we’d suggest hiring a grab lorry. This type of lorry comes with a loading bucket which we use to transfer material from your site into our vehicle. If you are on a tight schedule you might want to choose this option anyway as it allows you and your team to continue working undisturbed while we load and remove the waste.

Costs and Prices of Grab Lorry Hire in Dover

We’ll need to find out a bit more about your worksite, the waste being produced, the type of vehicle you need, and availability before providing you with a cost as these factors tend to vary quite a lot. Get in touch with us via the contact form, or call us on 01304 626364 to get the process started.

Grab Hire Near Me

From our multiple waste management sites in Kent, we service sites all across the Dover area. If you’re working on a project in Dover and need a grab hire fast, get in touch today. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can but usually in no more than 24 hours. Here are some areas in Dover we service:

  • Tower Hamlets
  • Maxton
  • Swingate
  • Guston
  • Whitfield
  • Temple Ewell
  • WestCliffe

If you need other waste management services, we also offer skip hire, road sweeper hire, rubbish clearance, and total waste management in Dover.

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