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Grab Lorry Hire Herne Bay

Our fleet of modern 20-tonne Scania grab lorries are available for hire throughout the Herne Bay area. Whether you need to move large volumes of muck away waste due to ongoing excavation, or if your worksite is in a hard-to-reach place, TW Services’ grab lorries are the ideal solution.

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We’re certified to collect virtually any type of waste and we’re happy to visit you on-site to determine exactly what waste materials we’ll be dealing with. If needed we can conduct a chemical test on-site in line with Waste Acceptance Criteria, the results of which we’ll deliver in five working days.

We also offer a selection of aggregates and topsoil made from recycled materials which can be delivered at the same time as the agreed waste collection. Find out more about our recycled materials or get in touch if you want to place an order.

Grab Lorry Hire in Herne Bay

Through our qualified team of waste removal professionals and vehicle operators we can handle, recycle, and dispose of almost any type of waste material. Here are a few examples:

  • Green and organic waste
  • Construction waste
  • Demolition debris
  • Organic matter like mud and soil
  • Tarmac, bricks, wood and stone waste
  • Asbestos and other hazardous waste

When waste is removed from your worksite we take it to one of our many recycling or waste disposal facilities. Depending on what type of waste it is we’ll sort and recycle as much as possible. Find out about our mission and philosophy on recycling.

Muck Away Lorry Hire in Herne Bay

Oftentimes a worksite or areas in a worksite present a challenge for placement of skips. Another issue with skips is the difficulty of moving them once in position, meaning if a whole area needs to be accessed, or if the area is restricted in space, a skip can pose a problem.

This is especially problematic on sites where a large volume of muck away waste is produced. Sometimes the volume of waste is too large for the use of skips and needs to be cleared more quickly and efficiently. Muck away lorries are a great solution to this problem, meaning you can have your whole site cleared in one easy visit. We collect all types of muck away waste, including:

  1. Inert, non-decompositional waste
  2. General waste, non-hazardous waste
  3. Hazardous, toxic or harmful waste

No matter the size of your worksite, with a grab lorry it can be cleared in no time. Our team are highly skilled in the quick loading and unloading of materials. We’ll arrive at the arranged time and collect waste from one or several agreed spots on your worksite. Hiring a grab lorry means we’ll be able to access awkward areas of the worksite that vehicles can’t park directly next to. Call our friendly team on 01304 626364 to find out more.

Herne Bay Grab Lorry Sizes

All of our grab lorries, as well as our tippers, and muck away trucks come in the same size. Here are some dimensions to help you understand how much material can fit in a TW Services grab lorry:

  • Our lorries are 8x4, four-axled, eight-wheeled vehicles
  • Our lorries can carry up to 20 tonnes of weight
  • Our lorries can carry up to 15 cubic metres of volume

We’re happy to arrange a one-off visit, multiple visits, or recurring visits through the course of your contract. Talk to our team about options and prices.

Tipper Grab or Grab Lorry, Which is Best?

Before hiring a vehicle with us it’s important you decide whether a grab lorry or a tipper grab is better for the job. This ultimately comes down to what you have available to help at your own worksite. If you operate equipment on-site which can assist in the loading of the vehicle we’d recommend hiring a tipper grab. A member of your team can then be tasked with loading up the lorry for us to take away.

If you don’t have the machinery required to do this then a grab lorry is a better option. This comes with a loading bucket attached which is used to transfer waste material from the site to the vehicle. If you don’t have the facilities to load the vehicle, or if you would like us to do the loading for you, a grab lorry is our recommendation.

Grab Lorry Costs and Prices in Herne Bay

The exact cost of hiring a grab lorry with us will depend on a few different factors. No two jobs are the same and we always endeavour to give the most accurate quote for the job so as not to incur additional costs later on. The cost of a grab lorry hire will depend on the volume of waste, type of waste and placement and accessibility of the worksite, to name a few factors.

Grab Lorry Hire Near Me

In Herne Bay, we offer a range of waste removal service, including grab lorry hire, tipper hire and muck away truck hire. We service these areas and more around Herne Bay:

  • Herne
  • Beltinge
  • Eddington
  • The Downs
  • Broomfield
  • Hampton
  • Greenfield

If you have any questions or would like us to provide a quote let us know by filling in this form or calling 01304 626364. We also offer skip hire, road sweeper hire, rubbish clearance, and waste management solutions in Herne Bay.

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