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Sun Oct, 20

How To Dispose Of A Mattress

An old mattress is a bulky waste item that can’t be taken with your usual rubbish. There are many different ways to dispose of old mattresses, but which is the best choice for yours?

Mattress disposal

How to dispose of a mattress

Most people don’t own a car or van big enough to dispose of a mattress, and it’s a risk trying to tie one to the roof of your vehicle, so a normal tip run is out. This means you’ll need to find an alternative solution.

There are dedicated services for removing a mattress alone – but these can be pricey. Councils can do bulky waste removal for a lower cost but waiting times can be lengthy – so you might be stuck with that mattress for a long time, and a mattress tends to be quite an annoying thing to have stuck in a room when you want it gone.

So instead, consider either a rubbish clearance or hiring a skip.

If you choose our rubbish clearance service, we’ll arrive at your home on the arranged day with a vehicle large enough to dispose of your mattress. We’ll even help you load it so that you don’t need to do all the heavy lifting yourself. And if you’ve any other household waste that you need removing at the same time, we can take that with us too.

The alternative is a skip. A skip is a better option for disposing of a mattress if you want to take your time clearing out your home. If you’ve got some rooms to sort through but you don’t want to leave a pile of waste outside your home, or have it cluttering up the house, a skip gives you more freedom. You can add the mattress and any other waste whenever you want to until it’s full, and then we’ll come and collect it.

Mattress disposal prices

Council bulky waste collections may be the cheapest option available but you’re likely to be waiting for weeks for a collection. Plus, you need to have somewhere safe to leave your mattress for it to be collected and, if it rains on the day of pickup and your mattress is soaked through, they can refuse it due to the extra weight.

So, it’s easier to hire a skip or choose home rubbish clearance. Both are a similar price, depending on the volume of waste you need to remove, so it comes down to whether you want to have it all taken away immediately or if you want time to fill up a skip with the mattress and any other waste you have in your home.

If you need more help disposing of a mattress, especially if you’ve also got some other waste to get rid of, and you’re based in Kent, why not send us a message?

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