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Wed Apr, 21

How to Dispose of a Fridge or Freezer

Replacing a fridge or freezer doesn’t happen very often, so it’s no surprise people aren’t sure how to go about it. Fridges are usually large and require special attention to dispose of. Even if people don’t know what a fridge is made of, they are usually aware that some parts could be harmful to the environment. We often see people searching for things like:

  • How do you dispose of a fridge freezer UK?
  • Freezer disposal UK
  • Can you put a fridge freezer in a skip?
  • Where to get rid of old fridges?

With unusual items like white goods, it’s sometimes difficult to know how to dispose of them properly. In this blog, we’ll demystify the process of how to dispose of your fridge or freezer.

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How to dispose of fridge freezer UK guidelines

In 2013, the Environment Agency declared that all fridges should be classed as hazardous waste. The main toxic part of a fridge/freezer is the compressor and cooling circuit on the back of the appliance. These must be removed and degassed by trained professionals in order to prevent unnecessary damage to the environment and without putting people at risk.

Because of this fly-tipping fridges is quite dangerous and could result in a fine or even prosecution.

The proper way to dispose of a fridge is to take it to a recycling centre or arrange for the item to be collected by a hazardous waste collection service. The same process can be applied to how to dispose of a freezer as many of a freezers parts are similar to those found in a fridge.

Old fridge and freezer collection

If you are a homeowner wondering ‘how do I get rid of my old fridge?’ you can arrange a collection for a domestic rubbish clearance service to pick up your fridge or freezer at an agreed-upon time and date.

You might also need to have multiple fridge/freezers removed in bulk. This could be the case for commercial facilities or blocks of flats. In this case, a commercial hazardous and specialist waste service can provide old fridge disposal. The company will assess the number of items and waste classification of each and provide you with a quote. You may need to move the items to an agreed area that is easy to access beforehand, so confirm that this is clear before the removal date.

Can you put a fridge in a skip?

Can you put fridges in skips? Although this would make life easier, especially when doing home renovations, this is not allowed. In fact, you can’t put just anything in a skip. It’s important to ensure your skip is free from hazardous waste (which includes the majority of white goods), fluorescent bulbs, plasterboard, asbestos, medical waste, tyres, and gas cylinders.

Fridge freezer disposal near me

If you’re capable of transporting an old fridge or freezer yourself you might want to drop it off at your local recycling centre. Double-check they accept hazardous waste beforehand if you can.

We can help you get rid of your old fridge or freezer, whether that’s answering your questions or booking in a collection. Our in-house specialist team can assess the classification of your waste items and arrange safe responsible removal under the EWC code of practice. Contact us now to get started.

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