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What happens to skip waste?

In the hustle and bustle of a construction project or a home renovation, it's easy to overlook what happens once it's tossed into a skip.

However, knowing what happens to skip waste isn't just an interesting thing to know, it's also essential for handling waste responsibly.

So, let's delve into the intriguing world of skip waste and what happens when you hire our services.

What happens to skip waste?

When you hire a skip company, you're trusting the experts to get rid of your waste and recycle it efficiently. It's important that you know exactly what happens so here's a breakdown of what happens to skip waste with TW Services:

1. Collection

Once your skip is full, it's picked up by our dedicated team and transported to our designated facility for processing.

Once the skip is removed from the site, it's either transported to the company's waste transfer station or a local transfer station if needed.

While you don't have to sort through all the waste you put in, separating green waste from other materials can contribute to environmental conservation efforts.

2. Sorting

At our facility, the skip waste undergoes meticulous sorting. This separation is fundamental for maximising recycling efforts and minimising landfill usage. Items are separated into categories like:

  • Garden Waste - Garden waste undergoes composting, turning it into compost that farmers and businesses utilise to naturally enrich the soil.
  • Building Materials - Materials like glass, bricks, and concrete can be employed in their original state or crushed and repurposed in construction projects.
  • Wood - Old furniture wood can be chipped for various industrial uses or burned for energy generation.
  • Scrap Material - Scrap metal is highly sought after in many developing nations. Any scrap metal salvaged from skip waste undergoes processing and is exported through licensed scrap metal dealers.

3. Recycling

The heart of our operation lies in recycling. Materials like wood, metal, and plastic are sent to specialised recycling centres where they transform into new products or materials.

This process not only conserves natural resources but also reduces environmental impact.

4. Responsible Disposal

We ensure responsible disposal of items that cannot be recycled, such as certain types of plastics or contaminated materials.

This may involve proper incineration or landfill disposal in compliance with local regulations and environmental standards.

Why does it matter?

Understanding the fate of skip waste is more than just an academic exercise, it's a reflection of our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

By choosing skip hire services that prioritise recycling and responsible disposal, you're actively contributing to a greener future.

Failure to dispose of waste properly can result in hefty fines and damage to the environment. With skip hire services, you can rest assured that your waste is in good hands and compliant with regulations.

Choose the right company for your skip hire

Next time you toss something into a skip, remember that it's not the end of the road for your waste – it's the beginning of a new lifecycle. Hiring a skip is a straightforward and efficient way to manage waste during your projects.

If you’re ready to benefit from skip hire in Dover, use our online booking system to order and pay for your skip today.

You’re more than welcome to get in touch with us by calling 01304 626 364 or sending an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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