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Home Clearance

Our highly trained waste handlers will help you clear your house to get rid of bulk household materials in no time.

When looking for house clearance companies, look no further than T W Services. We know that each house clearance job is different, so we tailor our service to help you. In cases where access to the house is limited and using skips and handy bags isn’t ideal because of lack of space, household clearance is a speedy and efficient way to get large volumes of unwanted waste off your hands.

Through our house clearance service, we’ll assist you in physically moving large items out of your home and into our vehicle to be taken away on a one-off visit. If you have house clearance removals covered we’ll simple arrive at the arranged time and help you load our vehicle from a designated spot.

How does house clearance work?

When someone is about to begin a house renovation project they might start to wonder ‘what does house clearance entail?’ House clearance can be stressful if you’re running low on space as you move large items around or even demolish parts of the interior such as drywall. Having excess building materials laying around could also present a hazard. That’s why thinking ahead about how to do a house clearance can save you a lot of time and energy.

Through our house contents removal service we provide you with professional assistance to get rid of household rubbish quickly and efficiently. We can either provide support physically moving items from the house to the vehicle or simply collect the items from a safe place outside the building. Each of our vehicles operators is experienced in handling different kinds of waste including hazardous waste. They will be able to assist you with additional loading labour if you need it.

How much does house clearance cost?

What is the average cost of a house clearance? This is a tough question because every house, its contents, and situation are different. A five-bedroom house renovation project will involve more work than a two-bedroom furniture clearance, for example. Because of this, we don’t want to just estimate the general cost of clearing out a house.

House clearance prices are determined by our team after having a discussion with you about the work involved. This way we know we are providing you with the most accurate house clearance costs for cheap house clearance and we know the work probably won’t incur any additional fees later on.

If you require assistance with home clearance, talk to us today. Call us on 01304 626364 or submit an enquiry specifying ‘how much is a house clearance’ along with all the details you can provide. A friendly member of the team will and asking a few questions to get an idea of the scale of the job.

What size skip do I need for a house clearance?

If you have space for a skip to be placed outside without obstructing a road, you might want to arrange a skip hire so that you can clear your house at your own pace and gather waste materials in a container where they can be removed and the container replaced easily.

Our skip hire service offers skips from four to 12 yards long. Visit out skip hire page to find out more and decide which size skip would be best for you.

When clearing a house using a skip, be aware that not all waste materials can be put into skips. Some items such as fridges and TVs must be recycled separately. Our blog on what can go into a skip provides more detail on this.

House clearance service near me

We are a Kent-local company specialising in waste disposal and rubbish clearance. Out of our site in Sandwich, we provide a local house clearance service to Margate, Canterbury, Herne Bay, Ramsgate, and many other areas in the South.

If you’re looking for house clearance near you give us a call on 01304 626364 or fill in our contact form telling us where you are and describing what you need help with.

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